Thursday, April 5, 2012

happy easter!

happy easter to everyone from the team at skelligs - a much brighter time for us all than last year when the site was still a sad reminder of our fire. that's all behind us now thanks to the tenacity of colm and the support of everyone at skelligs, our local community and all our colleagues, competitors and customers. the cafe is open, the windows are decorated with bunnies, eggs and bumble bees and the lovely aroma of chocolate will greet you to herald the coming of easter. those of you who are still off chocolate for lent only have a few days to wait....hooray! hope you have stocked up for the feasting on sunday.

i know many people don't like actually associating cute spring lambs with the roast they'll have this sunday. there was no squeamishness from a young lad catherine heard from the window of the chocolate factory yesterday calling out to our mountain lambs, 'mint sauce, mint sauce!' hopefully they took the hint and made themselves scarce...

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