Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter saturday

i had designed honey bunnies and hot chicks for last easter but they never got made because of the fire. these were supposed to be packaged in the noodle style boxes like the christmas stars, chrsitmas trees and winter spice holly leaves.

yesterday, i found my original bunny moulds and decided to have a go at a hot cross bunny for next year. all was going well with the flavours: cinnamon, mixed spice and a touch of fresh lemon zest in good dark chocolate.

then, by mistake, i added too much honey and they were not happy bunnies!

at this stage, i was determined not to give up so i filled the moulds with the very unworkable chocolate, honey paste and popped a raisin into the back of each shape.

i then tempered milk chocolate, added more lemon zest and sealed the raisins with this chocolate backing. the result was surprisingly pleasing in both texture and taste. elsie, the chocolate connoisseur of the family was happy. they definitely need more work but i have a year until next easter!

getting inspiration from the spring sunshine

getting psyched up for all the chocolate eating tomorrow

crazy swinging

elsie upside down
iris ready to go home to a cosy fire and hot chocolate

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