Monday, March 19, 2012

lime and black pepper shots

these make a perfect monday treat for when you might have overindulged at the weekend but are not quite ready to face the week without lovely food! i made this with ingredients i had in my cupboard and it resembles a cheesecake. as the beauty of this dessert is the element of experimentation, i would love to hear of other flavour combinations.

melting chocolate slowly over a bowl of warm water
i crushed an amaretti biscuit and combined it with a small amount of melted butter. i then pressed this into the bottom of two shot glasses. in a small bowl i combined a heaped tablespoon of cream cheese, about the same amount of icing sugar, a good squeeze of lime juice and the zest of half a lime. this goes on top of the biscuit base. finally i melted some dark chocolate (i used four pieces of cocoa bean's lime and black pepper bar.) drizzle this on top of the cream cheese and pop them in the fridge. i imagine it would do you no harm to eat them while the chocolate on top is still warm and melty if waiting isn't an option for you!