Friday, December 17, 2010

amsterdam and our magical mystery tour

colm and i had a day in amsterdam on wednesday: it was a business meeting away from it all; a research trip (oh the joy of cinnamon fresh truffles); a time to gather ideas about plans for the new factory and a mystery trip which you may or may not hear more about in the near future! this was the gorgeous view from the office where we had our meeting.

harvey nichol's christmas

it was a very festive evening on tuesday and a little bit emotional. i was offering tasting samples from our beautiful christmas range of christmas star anise, christmas tree and winter spice in the stylish little boxes you can see in the picture. i have been working on the flavours and designs since last winter and most of them went up in flames. however, a few shops and hamper companies had already had their first christmas delivery before the fire and these lucky boxes are looking lovely in christmas displays. i love winter spice which is a triumph since i really don't like white chocolate!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank you chocolate makers big and small

i might have to do a whole series of blog posts saying thank you to the different groups of well wishers! i will start with our colleagues and friends in the irish chocolate industry.

in our early days, john mckenna gave emily and i some great advice: be friends with your competitors. he was so right! especially within the artisan community, we have been able to help and been helped out on lots of occasions. we have made friends for life and we are so grateful for their help and support since the fire.

it is not just the artisan chocolatiers that have offered their help. the big players have also rung us to say how sorry they are to hear about the factory and offer real practical help.

thank you!