Sunday, January 3, 2010

a happy and sparkling new year!

i hope everyone had a great time over christmas and new year. we are just coming back down to earth after the whirlwind of births and birthdays that required a lot of gin and tonic, hot ports, champagne, chocolate and cheese in order to celebrate properly!

and after all that, there is call for something invigorating and alcohol free so here is my recipe for a really refreshing drink that still has an element of sparkle (and would happily take a splash of gin or vodka if you haven't yet finished celebrating...)

chop up a few lemons and limes into wedges and divide between tall glasses. add a teaspoon of caster sugar and gently crush with a pestle to release some of the juice and the flavour from the zest
crush ice. i use a strong food bag filled with ice cubes and tied, rest it on a folded tea towel and bash with a rolling pin. add a generous amount to each glass

top up with your choice of mixer (soda water, tonic, lemonade, sparkling water)

mix the drink with a long spoon or use the cocktail shaker from your unopened cocktail kit

add a fresh mint leaf, a straw, a miniature umbrella, a sparkler.....

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